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P954 Dematting Slicker

P954 Dematting Slicker

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The Mat Breaker Slicker has extra long & wide pins to easily target tangles, mats and shedded coat. 
Ideal for large breeds with dense coat (double-coated breeds, thick curly coats, etc.)
Eco-friendly, made of bamboo.
Recyclable cardboard packaging. 

How to use: Hold the brush by the handle and brush through the coat targeting tangles, mats, & shedding coat, repeatedly eliminated. Use in the direction of the hair growth to start & then switch directions. It’s best to start at the base of the matting. When there is a lot of hair built-up between the pins, clean the brush manually or with a comb. 
Main Materials: Bamboo, rubber, & stainless steel. 

Made especially for untangling & de-shedding.

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